5 Delicious Smoothie Recipes with Drumstick Leaf Powder

5 Delicious Smoothie Recipes with Drumstick Leaf Powder

For all our fitness lovers who are regularly going the extra mile to achieve their dream physique, moringa, or drumstick leaf powder smoothie can truly be a game changer. This is a thick, nutritious smoothie made out of quality ingredients and natural sugars that also uses drumstick leaf powder to enhance its taste, texture as well as nutritional quality. Here are 5 of the best drumstick leaf smoothies that you are sure to love!

5 Heart-warming Healthy Drumstick Leaf Powder Smoothies

Drumstick smoothies are best had right before your workout, especially as an early morning meal. You can pair it with some fruit, cereal, or bread to make it a filling breakfast meal!

Moringa Green Smoothie

To make a Classic Moringa Green Smoothie, blend spinach, avocado, mango, moringa powder, and almond milk until smooth. Adjust consistency with more liquid if needed, depending on how thick you want your smoothie. Enjoy!

Drumstick Leaf Banana Smoothie

Surprisingly, drumstick leaf powder goes really well with the sweet, rich texture of bananas. A simple high-calorie moringa smoothie includes nut butter, powdered oats, and honey blended together with milk to create a lovely drink. You can also add some zero-calorie chocolate powder to the mix for that PBJ taste!


Chia Seeds and Blueberry

In a mixer combine chia seeds, blueberry fruits, spinach, almond milk, moringa, and honey for sweetness and pour it in a regular glass. Now add some ice, fruit toppings, and dry fruit toppings to balance out the taste as well as the calories.

Orange, Carrot and Cucumber

Vegetable smoothies are back again! Combine two of the most refreshing, hydrating, and cooling vegetables carrot and cucumber with some fresh orange juice. Now mix this cocktail of nutritious uses with some drumstick leaf powder and milk. You can replace orange juice with actual oranges if you want some extra fiber!

Moringa and Yoghurt Smoothie

Choose a yoghurt of your choice combine it with some drumstick leaves fresh powder and add some ice cubes to the mixture. Sweeten it with the syrup of your choice. If you want a thin consistency you can add some boiled milk but if you want it thick go for some oat flour. Garnish it with almonds and berries to pack extra nutrients!


Our readers can easily switch out some of the ingredients with other alternatives – for example, if you are trying to bulk, you can switch the chia seeds with almonds and if you are vegan you can switch regular milk with soybean milk!

Get your organic drumstick leaf powder online at discounted prices and have it delivered to your house so that you can get that daily intake of protein, fiber, and vitamins that will give you give your 100% throughout the day!

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