Benefits of using drumstick leaf powder compared to fresh leaves

Benefits of using drumstick leaf powder compared to fresh leaves

If you are a fan of savory drumstick leaves, you might want to invest in some drumstick leaf powder so that you can add that extra flavor to everything you make. Not only are they carefully ground to form uniform granules; but this organic powder is a lot easier to find at regular stores at a super affordable price.

But that is not the only reason why more and more people are switching to packaged organic moringa powder instead of purchasing fresh leaves from the market. Here are many other reasons for this choice!

How is Drumstick Leaf Powder Different from Fresh Leaves?

Fresh drumstick leaves are dried in extremely hot and dehydrated conditions and then processed into a powder to form the drumstick leaf spice that we usually put in all our food. The condiment retains much of the nutritional value of fresh leaves but on top of that also offers convenience and a longer shelf life.

On the other hand, fresh drumstick leaves are plucked directly from the tree. They boast a vibrant green color and a unique taste, commonly used in cooking to add flavor and nutrition to dishes. Fresh leaves are also used to add flavor to any preparation!


Even though they look and taste different, both the dry drumstick leaf spice and fresh leaf pluckings offer the same health benefits. Most modern recipes however need you to use dried drumstick leaves only!

Benefits of Dried Powder: Use Drumstick vs Fresh Leaves

Many of us indeed prefer organic and authentic drumstick leaf powder over freshly chopped leaves. There are several reasons why.

● Rich, Refined Consistency:

Processed drumstick leaves have a stronger flavor and a uniform but rich texture that is missing in the fresh leaf. When added to a meal, the powdered spice completely mixes into the sauce and cannot be tasted in isolation. However, fresh leaves can leave a particular bitterness and can be detected by the tongue.

● Availability and Shelf-life:

Naturally, organically purchaseddrumstick leaf powder online or offline is properly packaged to last for several months. This means you do not need to go to the fresh market every weekend to get your supply of drumstick leaves. Since this spice is used in very small quantities, buying it as a long-lasting powder is the most cost-effective!

● Versatile Usage:

The powder drumstick leaves are known for their ability to upgrade a dish. There are multiple ways to consume moringa powder like in rice, side dishes, soda drinks, etc. We should also consume this powder so that it can help us maintain good immunity, preventing the intake of toxic chemicals by different organs of our body.

Final Thoughts

You can easily find authentic drumstick leaf powder online made out of high-quality drumstick plants that you can store in your house to make curry, smoothies, pudding, paratha, porridge and so much more.

The vibrant color, unique taste, and healing properties of this powder allow it to be easily used as a garnisher, condiment, and even medicine. We all should have at least one can of this spice in our homes at all times, and choosing the powder form makes this possible.


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